Soils of Marathwada region are classified as Vertisols. Nearly 32.5 m ha are medium black soils, 12.1 M ha deep black soils and 12.4 m ha course shallow soils. The fertil- ity index with respect to nitrogen is low in Parbhani, Nanded while it is medium in Aurangabad, Jalna, Beed Osmana- bad and Latur district while fertility index with respect to P is low in almost all the districts except six tahsils of Jalna and Beed districts. It is very high for potash in almost all the districts of Marathwada. The average use of fertilizer is 50N and 39 P2O5/kg per hectare in Latur and Aurangabad divisions. The deficiency of micronutrients viz. Zn and Fe is noticed in high intensity cropping. Soils under irrigation projects like Jayakwadi and Purna becoming sick due to water logging & salinisation.