Marketable Products Developed by M.A.U., Parbhani



            Following are the Marketable products available with MAU.




1)         Seeds:


2)            Grafts/Seedlings of fruits, flowers, medicinal and aromatic plants.

3)         Production of Tissue Culture Plant lets:

4)         Production of Bio-pesticides/Bio-agent: / Bio fertilizer /Decomposing cultures :

            Nitrogen fixing biofertilizers:

Phosphate solubilizing biofertilizers:

Vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza (VAM):

De Compost cultures:

Mass production of biofertilizers:


5)            Implements:

a)         MAU Dibber  :

b)         MAU Wheel  :

c)            Cotton stalk Puller  :

d)            Stubble collection rake  :

            f)          Groundnut Decorticator  (Standing type )  :

h)            Hydro –Rotavator  :

i)          Bullock cart mounted, sprayer :


6)         Processes for Specialty Food Products:

A.     Sorghum based products:


1.      Sorghum malt:  Sorghum malt is used in production of beer, whiskey, bakery products weaning foods, malt extracts, etc.

Cost of  know-how : Rs. 25000/-.


2.      Sorghum beer:  Terchnology has been developed for production of beer using

sorghum malt along with barley malt.


Cost of know-how:  Rs. 2,00,000/-.


3.      Sorghum based weaning food:  Low paste viscosity and high calorie density

weaning food based on sorghum malt, green gram malt and sesame.


Cost of know-how: Rs. 10,000/-.


4.      Sorghum Poha:  A process has been developed for production of sorghum poha,

very useful for diabetic and obese persons.


Cost of know-how:  Rs. 10,000/-.


5.      Sorghum liquid glucose:  Process for production liquid glucose directly from

sorghum flour using glucose directly from sorghum flour using enzymatic process.


Cost of know-how:  Rs. 25,000/-.


6.      Soybean paneer:  A complete know-how for production of soybean tofu and paneer.


Cost of know-how: Rs. 10,000/-.


7.      Dehydration of vegetables:  Scientific process for dehydration of onion, carrot

leafy vegetables, spices, and other vegetables, including packaging system.


Cost of know-how:  Rs. 10,000/-.


8.      Dehydration of fruits & fruit slices:  Process has been standardized for

Osmotic dehydration of ripe mango slices, banana, pineapple, papaya,

Gourds, dalimb manuka, grape raisins, mulberry raisins, etc.


Cost of know-how:  Rs. 10,000/-.


9.      Chips and wafers from banana and potato:  The improved technology for

Production of banana and potato wafers is standardized.


Cost of know-how:  Rs. 10,000/-.


10.  Production of fruit juices/squashes:  Fruits juices and squashes like pomegranate

Custard apple, banana, mulberry, papaya, aloe vera, vegetable juices.


Cost of know-how:  Rs. 25,000/-.



11.  Extruded snack foods:  Various ready to fry and ready to eat snacks based on

Cereals, millets, pulses, oilseeds, oilseed cakes etc., have excellent market.


Cost of know-how:  Rs. 25,000/-.


12.  Post harvest management, packaging, precooling and marketing of fresh fruits

and vegetables.  Particularly: banana, pomegranate, sweet orange, custard



Cost of know-how:  Rs. 10,000/-.


13.  Candied fruits:  Process for making candied fruits from papaya, amla and

Other fruits.


Cost of know-how: Rs. 10,000/-.


14.  New type of pickles, chutney and sauces:  The formulations and technology

for pickles from bitter gourd, amla, tamarind, tomato, vegetables etc.


Cost of know-how:  Rs. 10,000/-.


15.  Fruit toffee:  Process for production of toffee from papaya, mango, banana, sapota,

       custard apple, etc.


      Cost of know-how: Rs. 10,000/-.


16.  Preparation of project reports for any food industry.


Cost: Rs. 10,000 or 1% of cost of project which ever is higher.


17.  Auditing, certification procedure implementation plan for HACCP,

ISO, GMP etc.


Cost: Rs.10,000 per case.


18.  Saffo Herbal tea  : 


It is blend of safflower petals and some Indian herbs having 

      medicinal value and it is also a health care beverage specially heart care.


        Cost of know-how  :  RS. 50,000/-


19.  Ginger Products  :

Dry ginger, squash, RTS candy, powder, paste, mixed pickle


 Cost of know-how  : Rs. 25000/-

20.  Aonla Products  :

Candy, Muramba, Pickle, beverage, herbal prash, powder, sweets etc.


  Cost  of know-how  :  Rs. 25000/-


21.  Dalimb Manuka  :

It is a dehydrated  product of Pomegranate fleshy seeds.


  Cost: Rs.10,000


22.  Mushroom Products  :

Pickles, dried mushroom, weaning foods, chergy foods etc.


  Cost of know-how  :  Rs. 10,000/-  


Home Science products /Technologies



1.   Ergonomically designed cotton Apron  :

                        used for cotton picking


                         Cost  of know how  : Rs. 5000/-


2.                  Women friendly Weeder  :

Useful for efficient weeding cost saver.


Cost of know-how  : Rs. 10,000/-


3.                  Weaning Mixes  :


RBG-mix, RB mix and JB mix III

                        These nutritional low cost weaning mixes are useful to feed the infants.


                        Cost of  Technical  know-how  :  Rs. 25000/-


4.                  Soybean snacks  :


Soyane, Soya Sheve, Soya Chakli, Soya burfi, Soya chiwada are protein rich snacks /supplementary foods useful in improving nutritional Status of Children.


Cost of know-how       :  RS. 25000/-


5.            Masala Powder  :


Tea masala, garam Masala are useful to improve the flavor of tea and taste and flavor of curries respectively.


Cost of know-how  :  Rs.m25000/-




6.      Special Sari Petticoat  :


It is convenient to use in pregnancy


            Cost of know-how  : Rs. 5000/-