In modern world of information explosion an effective library and information service is a basic necessity. Library at this university is functioning to cater to the information needs of the academic community of college of  agriculture another colleges in the campus of this university. This library is growing day to day with the inception of new colleges of Food Science and Technology, Home Science, Agricultural Engineering, Horticulture and also by the creation of post graduate faculty in all disciplines. Apart from it, the research activities on the campus as well as at all the research centers under this university have been intensified with the sanction of more research schemes by the state as well as central governments. This is the single library to support the entire teaching, research and extension activities under this university campus at Parbhani.

 Organizational Structure of Library :
                Marathwada Agricultural University is located at the center of university campus Parbhani. The library services are distributed in different sections of this library namely.  
Acquisition     Technical     Circulation and Maintenance of books      Periodical and Reference       CD-ROM Facility and internet access   Binding and Maintenance    Office, Xerox facility,research cubicals, 3 reading halls and Digital Library.
               There are five colleges inside the campus, these Colleges are not having their college libraries and using the central university library facilities. There are four colleges outside the campus of this university. These colleges are newly started and having their new college libraries

Library Building :

      The university library building is planned on modular principles based on the requirements of the university library complex. It has three spacious reading halls and three floors for storing the reading material apart from the areas for library staff and Research cubicles . The plan of the library building comprises the following areas.
Lower ground floor :
            Book procurement section, Audiovisual room, store room
            Book dormitory and Bindery.
Upper ground floor :
Under-graduate Reading hall with 4,350 square feet carpet area to accommodate 180 students.
Stack room 1, with 1,460 square feet carpet area to accommodate 30,000 books.
Administrative Offices : Librarian and Deputy Librarian rooms to accommodate administrative section.
Ist floor consists two reading halls accommodating 180 students each on either side and the middle area is for storing one 1 lakh books.
Ist floor mazanine floor has again meant for storing journals, back volumes, serials etc.

IInd floor having referance section, loose issues of Journals, Current Journals, research cubiclas .and reading area

Library Collections : This Library collection as on 12 June2014is as follows:


Books 70666
Back vol.of Periodicals 25768
Thesis/Dissertations 6444
Annual Reports 6450
Total Collection 102878
Current Journals 321


                 Yearly Library receipts increased. from Rs.50,000/- to Rs.3,00,000/- + Library fees of 5 colleges in the University campus around 12,00,000/- i,e. Rs 15 Lakhs.
Timings 7.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. throughout the year
E-Journal access : Different CD ROM databases, online databases and network services are subscribed and through these databases    E-journals access services are provided. Jccc and openj-gate Online access of e-journals is also provided to Library members. Inflibnet and delnet membership is available to access these networks. online journals access is provided  from ICAR to the library users
Mosquito free clean library environment.
Book Bank :5 Text books are provided through the Book Bank to the students for one semester period. This activity  runs through th profit of university Book Centre also Five Books are provided to Backward class students for one semester through student welfare Book Bank.
Home Databases available are  Ph.D theses databases, OPAC, Serials Control , Question papers,syllabus etc.
45 Research cubicles are provided to Ph.D. and other research students with charges Rs 300/- per semester.
Library Seminar hall is provided to the counseling and Placement Cell and for conducting of competitive examinations


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