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Administration Central Farm MAU, Parbhani
Finance  University Library
Unversity Engineer List of Research Station

Director of Research, Parbhani Director of Instruction & Dean  (Education)  Director of Extension Education MAU
Assistant Account Officer Research, Parbhani College of Food Technology, Parbhani Agriculture Res. Station Tuljapur
Horticulture Res. Scheme (Vegetable), Parbhani College of Agriculture, Parbhani AINP on Soil Biodiversity Biofertilizers, Parbhani
Horticulture Res. Scheme (Pomology), Parbhani College of Agriculture,Ambajogai Water Management, Parbhani
Sericulture Research Scheme Parbhani College of Agriculture, Osmanabad Water Management, Khamgaon
AICRP Long Fertilizer Scheme Parbhani College of Agriculture, Badnapur AICRP on Arid Legume(College of Food Tech., Parbhani
Tissue Culture Project, Parbhani College of Agriculture, Latur Agruculture Technicla School., Latur
Central Nursery, Parbhani College of Agril Biotechnilogy, Latur
College of Agrilculture , Golegoan Tq. Aundha (N) , Dist Hingoli
Oil Seed Res. Station, A
AICRP College of Home Sci. Parbhani
Agriculture Tech. School, Parbhani Agriculture Tech. School, Basmat'z
Agriculture Tech. School, Nanded
Cost of Cultivation, Parbhani
College of Horticulture, Parbhani Cotton Res. Station, Nanded
Dry land Research Project Prabhani College of Agril. Engineering, Parbhani Associate Director Seed, Parbhani
Cotton Research Station Mehbubbag Pabhani College of Home Science, Parbhani
AICRP Safflower Research Project Parbhani TMC Project, Prarbhani
Cattle Cross Breeding Project. Pabhani Right to Information (ADI)  
AICRP Soybean, Parbhani Faculty of Lower Education
AICRP Integrated Farming Scheme Seed Processing Plant, Prarbhani
Regional Sugarcane Research Station Basmat Nagar Weed Control, Prarbhani
Fruit Research Station Himayat Bag, Aurangabad Meteorology, Prarbhani
National Agricultural Research Project, Aurangabad Student Welfare Office, Prarbhani
Krishi Vigyan Kendra (SRLS-III), Aurangabad Custard Apple Research Station, Ambajogai
Agriculture Tech. School (Paithan Road), Aurangabad Agril. Tech. School, Ambajogai
Rural Bio Resource Complex, Aurangabad Paddy Res. Station, Parbhani
Agriculture Res. Station Somnathpur. Sorghum Res. Station, Parbhani
Oil seed Research Station Latur Insect Parasitology Res. Scheme , Parbhani
Banana Research Station Nanded Cotton Res. Station , Parbhani
Sweet Orange Research Scheme, Badnapur Agriculture Res. Station , Badnapur


















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