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Postgraduate Institute of Agricultural Business Management - Chakur

Postgraduate Institute of Agricultural Business Management - Chakur

Goals and Objectives

MBA (Agriculture) professional management course aims to provide management education to entrants in the Commodity and Associate Agribusiness sector. The course is aimed at combining grass-root action with global competition and equips the students for managerial positions in Agri-industries management. Accordingly the course equips the students with the latest ideas and techniques in management and technology. Students under going this course can expect better opportunities of career advancement and would be better equipped to provide future leadership to the Agril. Based industry. Organizations also benefit substantially from the professional expertise acquired by the students through this course, based on accelerated learning approach to sharpen their managerial skills. Students are exposed to the state of the art developments in cyber revolution through hands on skill acquisition in internet and other related developments.

The objectives of the College

  • To impart education and training to young men and women for developing managerial skill in various areas of agribusiness and other sectors of economy.
  • To offer training courses for policy makers, executives and those in charge of agribusiness projects;
  • To conduct research on problems in agribusiness sector and to improve the management of agricultural enterprises and projects, and
  • To assist Agribusiness organizations in solving their management problems by providing consulting services.
Academic programmes
  • PG - MBA ( Agril. ) - 2 Years Including Project work

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