Introduction Of ATIC

Information about Regional Agricultural Extension Education Centre (RAEEC) & Agriculture Technology Information Centre (ATIC), VNMKV, Parbhani

The Government of Maharashtra, Department of Agriculture launched the T & V System on 1st April. 1981 with establishment of four Extension Agronomists under Directorate of Extension Education at VNMKV, Parbhani. The Extension Agronomist plays a major role in the transfer of Agricultural Technology through State Department of Agriculture for the stakeholders. The Extension Agronomist conducts the monthly workshop of State Department of Agriculture. The Subject Matter Specialists viz. Entomology, Plant Pathology, Home Science, Food Technology, Agril. Engineering and Horticulture from university constituent Agril. Colleges, Research Stations impart training in the monthly workshop and give technical information to extension workers. They also conduct the diagnostic field visits at farmer’s field and advice and solve the problems; in addition the center undertake innovative extension activities for the stake holders.

The Extension Agronomist, RAEEC is suppose to conduct and organize various extension activities apart from Monthly District Workshop like Trainings, (various clientele groups), Field visits, Diagnostic team visits, Group discussions with the help of available Subject Matter Specialists of various research stations under University’s jurisdiction. It is also expected that the feedback of researchable issues regarding unsolved problems may also be provided through Extension Agronomist.

In case of Parbhani Centre, the RAEEC and ATIC (Agricultural Technology Information Centre) work in one office.

The Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) is a single window delivery dissemination and supporting system for various innovation and farm worthy techniques, technical advice, diagnostic services, & input supply. It aims to create strong linkage between research and extension in the pursuit of excellence in Agriculture.

The building of Agricultural Technology Information centre is located near the main entrance of administrative building of Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Agricultural University, Parbhani (M.S.).

  • To provide single window delivery system for seed, planting material, processed products, biofertlizers, biopesticides, equipments and literature.
  • To empower farmers through direct access to information & knowledge.
  • To help farmers in problem solving and decision making.
  • To generate financial resources through sales & services.
  • To create strong linkage between different research stations, line departments and users of new technology.
  • To create mechanism for receiving feedback from the farmers, stake holders and reporting the same to research system for solution or refinement.
  • To provide advisory services through News Papers, Radio, Television and Internet.
  • To impart need based training to officers of Agriculture and other departments.

The ATIC programmes are implemented under the overall guidance of the Director of Extension Education. Agricultural Technology Information Centre is supervised by the ATIC manager - Extension Agronomist with four subject matter specialist viz., Horticulture, Entomology, Plant Pathology and Home Science. Whenever necessary the services of Soil science, Animal Husbandry and Food Technology disciplines are made available. In addition to the regular extension the subject matter specialist are available at the centre for giving information and replying the queries of the farmers and other stake holders visiting Agricultural Technology Information Centre. Seed, seedlings, implements, processed food products, biofertilizers and biopesticides are sold through ATIC to the needy end users.

Advisory Services

Large numbers of farmers are visiting ATIC taking benefit of advisory services offered by this centre. From April 2000 to March 2022, a total of 1,06,029 farmers visited ATIC Parbhani and sought the advice of scientists. This centre provides diagnostic services to the farmers who bring the infested/infected plant materials, soil samples and water samples to this centre. The farmers are also provided the messages on the current crop related problems through whatsapp.

Information Services (Krishi mahiti vahini)

The Telephone Helpline number 02452-229000 is started with effect from 7th October 2000. The technical officers are available on phone every day during office timing for answering queries of farmers. Name, address and questions of the farmers are recorded in the register and necessary solution is been provided to the farmer at ATIC level and if the farmer is not satisfied, then the mobile number of concerned specialist/scientist is provided. From October 2000 to March 2022, about 35,981 farmers were benefitted.


Permanent museum is established in the central Hall of Agricultural Technology Information Centre. Seeds, charts, biomix, biofertilizers and laminations of different varieties and production technologies of crops recently developed by University are displayed in the museum. The visitors are taking benefit of this exhibition.

Training Hall

Need based trainings are organized by Agricultural Technology Information Centre for farmers, officers of Department of Agriculture, Non Government Organizations, input dealers and other land use departments. About 40 participants can be accommodated in the Hall.